Tips on Staying on Track Through the Holidays

1. Practice MODERATION. Do not try to deprive yourself! But be reasonable when allowing yourself to enjoy some treat foods. Listen to your body. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a good holiday meal and a few treats with your family and loved ones! In fact, we encourage it!

2. Keep Holiday cheat meals to one day. One day off your diet will not hinder your results or set you back. But a full week of eating stuffing, pies, and Christmas cookies will. So go ahead, and enjoy your holiday dinner! Seriously! But keep it to one day. If you are hosting dinner at your house, cook enough food for that meal (not an entire weeks’ worth of leftovers). If you do have leftovers, send them home with your guests.

3. Eat your normal breakfast. You don’t want to starve yourself in anticipation of overeating at
dinner. You will likely end up eating more that way.


4. Stay active throughout the holiday season. It can be difficult to get into the gym with travel and reduced gym hours over the holidays. However, don’t let this become an excuse to forgo all physical activity! If your gym has limited hours, do what you can to make it to the gym while
they are open. If your schedule does not allow for this or you are travelling somewhere where
you don’t have access to a gym, get creative with your workout! Do a quick body weight
workout from home or go for a walk or jog outside. If you only have time to get in a short
workout, keep it high intensity.


5. Don’t make the holidays all about food. Plan holiday get togethers with activities that are not
centered around food. Holiday movie nights, board or card games, volunteering, caroling, hiking, making Christmas decorations, and ice skating can all put you in the holiday mood without effecting your waistline.